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"A Tale of Two Heroes: Benito Juarez and Abraham Lincoln"
"Brother to Brother: Black Men Speak to Young Black Men"
"The Calvin Sims Story"
"Credit Repair: Yes YOU Can!"
"How to Write a Book"
"Intra-Cellular Glutathion"
"Johnny Clem: The 9 Year-Old Heor of the Civil War"
"Lawman: The Bass Reeves Story"
"Relentless Winning"
"Sister To Sister: Black Womem Speak to Young Black Women"

"Turning TO Into FOR"
"When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear"
"Voyage of Discovery: The Lewis and Clark Expedition"



Ten African American men from a wide range of backgrounds were asked this question:

"If you had a chance to speak to the young Black men of America, what would you say?"

The essays in Brother to Brother are their answers. In this book, you will read the frequently encouraging, sometimes angry, occasionally sad, often challenging, but always thoughtful words of these ten men, including: . . .


Big sisters are treasures in our lives. They care for us, comfort us, laugh with us, sometimes scold us, but most important, they know and love us in a way nobody else can.

As you read through the pages of Sister to Sister, you will find a whole book full of such treasures--warm, wise, and loving "big sisters" who are reaching out to you.

Here are a few of the ten women you will meet in the book:


The failure of the Education System in America is too often blamed on the schools, teachers and administrators. In this book, Calvin G. Sims, Sr. illustrates that the main cause of failure in this system is that we are culturally pre-conditioned to fail.

Calvin points out that emotional imprinting which takes place in the earliest stages of development governs the way that we parent. This self perpetuating conditioning affects the way that adults pursue goals and the way that children learn. Handed down one generation to the next and reinforced by ‘Madison Avenue,’ we have become a society of under achieving, manic consumers.


Fortunately this groundbreaking new books offers insight that empowers us to recognize this detrimental cultural behavior as it offers simple solutions to making adjustments that will have a powerful impact on learning, achievement and individual quality of life.

This book is not just for parents, but as is pointed out in the book itself, "This book is for anyone who has benefited or can benefit from education."

In other words, this book is for everyone.

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